Supply Chain Management Solutions in Nigeria

At Zippy Logistics, we are working towards a world-class one stop supply chain management firm known for its innovation, efficiency and reliability in the market.

Our name is synonymous with speed. We enable businesses grow and expand quickly by giving them rapid access to customers in existing, new and underserved local and international markets.

With over 6 years experience and being the pathfinder in modern trade,Zippy possesses vast experience in dealing with modern trade retailers.

We have built trade routes across Nigeria and beyond and have experienced an exponential growth in our supply chain management services.


Our mission is to efficiently break down Supply Chain barriers, create trade routes locally and internationally for our clients while reducing logistics costs and improving profits.


At Zippy Logistics, we are working towards a world-class one stop supply chain management firm known for its innovation, efficiency and reliability in the market. We are the ONE company you can trust to access more local and international markets.


Zippy Logistics focuses on supply chain management in Nigeria and we are determined to bring the growth strategies of SMEs to reality as pronounced in our motto “Partnerships that work”.

About The Company

Zippy Logistics is a premier provider of logistics and supply chain solutions across Nigeria . Through our service offerings we have created numerous strategies for businesses. Zippy Logistics engages its clients through the following;

  1. TranZipp
  2. ZippTrade
  3. ZippIt
  4. ZippAdvisory

Through Tranzipp, we have facilitated trade by creating access to retail outlets and underserved markets; connecting buyers to sellers. We serve large modern trade and retail facilities nationwide such as Shoprite, SPAR,Game, Marketsquare, Foodco and others. Zippy Logistics is well equipped to offer services in the areas of Procurement, Inventory Management,Warehousing, E-Commerce Services and Last Mile deliveries amongst other customised services.

Our modernized 1500 square meter warehouse is centrally located to reduce time in transit and other logistical costs. The warehouse is managed through world class warehousing and logistics software focused on streamlining SME Logistics, reducing data-entry, automating invoicing and providing our clients with improved complete transparency of the order fulfilment process.

Our ISO standardized structure in terms of warehousing has given us the opportunity to work with large FMCGs such as - The Flour Mills of Nigeria, Pernod Ricard, The One Spirit Company, Ayoola Foods, Multipro amongst others.

Through ZippTrade, a holistic supply chain solution for clients looking to import and distribute nationwide we handle the entire process from procurement, importation, handling, clearing, to financial settlement to international and domestic partners.

Zippy Logistics is focused on exemplifying consolidation, innovation and efficiency. We have formed pivotal relationships to enhance international and domestic trade. Zippy Logistics was recently appointed by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) to pioneer the participation of Nigerian businesses in export and international distribution.

Last mile deliveries are handled through ZippIt our door to door service. We provide on-demand dispatch and delivery services for leading e-Commerce businesses. ZippIt delivers over 600 packages per day for clients such as Jumia, Konga, DealDey and GTB MarketHub. We also partner with corporate organizations and SMEs on a retainership to serve their clientele.

With ZippAdvisory, we offer our wealth of experience and functional expertise to service corporations and product companies in the areas of supply chain strategy, marketing, operations, technology and sustainability. Today, Zippy Logistics is on the radar of every industry that requires trade, supply chain and logistics services. We are working closely with business to identify opportunities and provide solutions across supply chains from the point of origin to the final consumer.

About CEO

Kabir Shagaya


Kabir got his Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship in Manchester. He was a director of the Clinton Climate Foundation and technical adviser to Lagos State on Climate Issues and Carbon Emissions.

Kabir also consulted on the Construction and Real Estate sectors in Nigeria on a DFID funded project (GEM2)where he helped design and implement policies to improve the quality and commercial viability of the sectors.

He worked as the Director of C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, where he helped to formulate policies and manage negotiations between the public sector, private sector, and international organizations.

And he also worked as a Director for the Clinton Climate Initiative, where he designed and implemented a Rural Illumination Project, to reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and eradicate the use of Kerosene lanterns, wood fires and other environmentally damaging methods of lighting in rural areas that aren’t connected to the national grid.

Kabir Shagaya is currently the CEO of Zippy Logistics, which is a supply chain brand that has been the backbone to some of the biggest brands in Nigeria likes of Jumia Konga, Shoprite and more.

Kabir has designed supply chain solutions for ShopRite both internationally and domestically and also for other supermarket chains. His company is focused on driving solutions for logistics in Africa by exemplifying consolidation, innovation and efficiency